Dr. Elena Taddei

My background in science strongly influenced my career path and personal life. For many years I participated in competitive sports, and this passion pushed me to obtain my first university degree in Sports Science.

After trying out various physical activities and furthering my studies in postural training, I came upon Feldenkrais (a scientific-based method of exercise therapy) and became a teacher. In the meantime I also worked to earn an additional degree in Education, with a sociological approach.

Work experience and skills
I am the creator and instructor of the prenatal course called Mamme in Movimento which focuses on the physical wellbeing of future mothers so that they arrive “trained” and ready for the most important moment of their lives! 
The entire prenatal course is based on my innovative biomechanical studies on the pregnant body and on the mother’s body during childbirth that I have conducted from 2003.

The excellent results obtained from births by participant mothers permitted me to apply in 2017 to the “Birth Day Prize” called by the European Commission.

I am the first and only Italian university lecturer of future coaches for expectant mothers; now I teach at the University of Florence.

In 2006 I was granted special permission to enter the delivery room at the O.S.M.A. Hospital (Ponte a Niccheri – Florence), where, as an expert on posture, I was able to observe numerous women in labor and during delivery. From this experience I walked away with fascinating data.

In the spring of 2015 I was selected by Italian television channel Rai2 for their series “Coppie in attesa” (Expectant Couples).

Last, but not least, I am a mother of two children. I have experienced childbirth firsthand – in both cases easy and fast – and I know how important preparation and awareness are for such an extraordinary event.

Completed projects
In 2017, thanks to the results obtained in the deliveries with Taddei Smart Birth, I competed for an European childbirth-telated prize.


Dr. Elena Taddei – mob: +39 3288420393