Taddei Smart Birth


Taddei Smart Birth (TSB) has been developed from the consideration that birth is an exceptional physical performance that can be scientifically approached, mainly basing it on a biomechanical study of the female body movements during childbirth, with particular attention to the maternal pelvis.

Based on an interdisciplinary study, TSB, concerning  obstetrical biomechanics, is defined by:

  • Taddei Smart Birth theory, the biomechanical study on delivery;
  • Taddei Smart Birth method, the technical setting of delivery;
  • Taddei Smart Birth program, the athletic training for the delivery.

Taddei Smart Birth is named after its creator, Elena Taddei, who has been training childbearing women from 2003 in Florence (Italy).

TSB’s main goal is to optimize the technical gestures of delivery in order to improve its outcome, specifically, labor duration, pain reduction, Caesarean sections, perineal lacerations, maternal and newborn pathological complications.

TSB steers away from prescribed conventional views and theories which, in order to improve childbirth, focus mainly on the importance of the force of gravity and useless leg and hip positions and movements.

TSB is innovative since it has fully studied all the richness and potentiality of pelvic mobility, adopting for the time five new pelvic movements which are functional to optimize child-delivery.

The statistical analysis illustrates a high significant improvement (p<0,0001) of maternal and newborn health outcome and mortality rate, thus, confirming the advantages and the importance of proper biomechanical TSB training.

Other few important statistical results to be considered are: 3h 45’ average labour duration; 50% (VAS 4,9) average pain reduction; 10% (from 8,42 to 9,26) improved Apgar index; and 44% perineal laceration reduction.

Innovatives aspects

TSB theory: the innovative biomechanics of natural delivery

TSB method: the innovative positions for natural delivery

The innovative ‘active’ role of the partner in the TSB method

TSB program: the innovative complete training for the natural delivery


This is a scientific site for information purposes. Anyone interested in examining some of the topics dealt with can directly
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