During pregnancy, many women suffer from back pain and of other types of physical
problems. We asked the TSB sample who suffered from this kindof problems if they had
any benefits in this sense from the exercises of the TSB program course.


82% of women find it useful o very useful to do the exercises of TSB in pre-labour pauses.


90% find it useful or very useful to perform TSB pre-labour positions.


92% also find it useful or very useful to perform TSB labour positions.


The help by the partners becomes crucial to face the moment of delivery,
as shown by the analysis of the TSB experimental sample.

According to women, the presence and functional help of the partners has been
very important and corresponds to an average value of  9,54.

It is worth noting that 98% of women would like the partners to help
also in the second delivery.


The partners themselves have given a positive evaluation of their role during
delivery, expressing an average utility of 8,29.