Pain of contractions

This analysis was done only in the TSB sample.
Each woman evaluated the pain perceived by applying Taddei Smart Birth or by
choosing an instinctive, free position or a position proposed by the obstetricians or
learnt in other prenatal courses.
Each woman has evaluated the pain perceived in two consecutive contractions during labour.

   Results obtained through the full application of the TSB method, that is, by using the
positions which require the technical help of the partner, show us that Pain is 4.9,
with a 95% confidence interval from 4.6 to 5.3, if Taddei Smart Birth is completely applied,
a reduction of 46% compared to 9.1 if the method is not applied.
In other words the average pain is reduced by 4.13 if TSB is completely applied,
with a 95% confidence interval from 3.78 to 4.47.