Skull shape of the newborn

At the moment of birth, the shape of the newborn’s skull is elongated or asymmetric
only in 6.2% of the women who have applied Taddei Smart Birth, with a 95% confidence
interval from 2.5% to 12.3%, a much lower percentage than 54.6% of the control group,
with a 95% confidence interval from 44.2% to 64.8%.*

Enlarging the parameters of the ‘Passage’, through TSB delivery positions done
correctly from a biomechanical point of view by the mother and implemented by the partner,
allows the ‘Passenger’ to pass through the birth canal in a definitely better way.

*For this analysis, cesarean deliveries were excluded from the sample: 2 women from the TSB sample and 7 from the control sample, since the foetus does not come from the natural birth canal.