Innovative aspects

The innovative aspect of the Taddei Smarth Birth (TSB) method lies in the fact that delivery is considered as an exceptional physical performance of the female body since movements between the mother’s and the foetus’s body and the uterine body are structured in an interdependent and highly specialized way.

Taddei Smart Birth moves away from the limited instinctual vision of child delivery and from the various theories which tend to focus the attention on an incorrect exploitation of the force of gravity and on the general movement of the pelvis and of the hip.

The most recent research on the biomechanics of childbirth, are based on a in-depth analysis of Farabeuf’s studies of the early years of the 20th century, and are described in many texts about obstetrics. These theories are exclusively focused only on some aspects of pelvic mobility: the anteversion and retroversion of the pelvic tilt, on the nutation and counter-nutation of the sacrum and on the opening and closing of the angle measured between the femurs and the pelvis.

However others possibilities of pelvic mobility need to be further described: TSB theory provides an innovative approach allowing an analysis and study of obstetric biomechanics being more detailed than the ones representing the state of the art.
The TSB theory, in fact, studies in detail the pelvic movements and their interactions; it then highlights their functionality and efficacy related to delivery; lastly, it translates them into a specific training program for pregnant women.

Taddei Smart Birth (TSB) gets its name from the woman who has created this method, Elena Taddei, who with experience in the field of scientific and motor disciplines, has been preparing women for quick facility-based deliveries for 14 years, making them deliver their children with little pain and with the proactive help of their partners through Taddei Smart Birth’s athletic training program, which is currently called “Mamme in Movimento”.
The Taddei Smart Birth program is performed in Florence, Italy. It and has currently reached about 800 female participants with their partners.

Innovatives aspects

TSB theory: the innovative biomechanics of natural delivery

TSB method: the innovative positions for natural delivery

The innovative ‘active’ role of the partners in the TSB method

TSB program: the innovative complete training for the natural delivery