The innovative ‘active’ role of the partners in the TSB method

The TSB method directly links, for the first time, the ‘Positions’ to be adopted by the woman during delivery with the obstetric factors (Passage, Passenger and Power), thus facilitating the birth process and the foetus’ progression in the birth canal, as well as reducing the problems for the mother and/or the foetus and/or the newborn.

Through a specific physical preparation to delivery, it is possible to avoid: excessive superficiality and/or unpreparedness in the delivery room, to optimize the duration of the birth process and to reduce the risk of incurring biomechanical errors which can increase the incidence of maternal and/or foetal and/or neonatal pathologies.

The TSB method is also the first study envisaging the active participation of the partners to maximize the efficacy of the positions themselves. As it usually happens, the mere physical closeness or a generic support of the partner to the woman during delivery are not functional to its positive evolution.

In TSB method, the presence of the ‘Partners’ implements the ‘Positions’ of delivery in a way that is biomechanically correct and coordinated with the woman.
The functional help by the partners is the element characterising a new type of delivery:
the delivery in couple.
In TSB method the ‘active delivery’ is no longer referred only to the woman, but to the couple, the new protagonist of the birth event.

Innovatives aspects

TSB theory: the innovative biomechanics of natural delivery

TSB method: the innovative positions for natural delivery

The innovative ‘active’ role of the partners in the TSB method

TSB program: the innovative complete training for the natural delivery