TSB method: the innovative positions for natural delivery

The innovative elements resulting from TSB theory on obstetric biomechanics are translated into the TSB method, physical implementations of the technical movement that the woman can perform and apply during delivery, through specific ‘Positions’.

TSB method highlighted that natural deliveries that are not based on any obstetric biomechanics study or scientific principle, or worse, that only rely on a vague instinct of the woman, are often affected by serious technical errors.

Particularly, it is possible to identify three most serious biomechanical errors that can leading to complications of different types and degree and even to serious pathological complications for the woman and/or the newborn and/or the foetus.
The presence of just one of these three biomechanical errors is sufficient to have negative effects on a natural delivery.

The following positions of delivery, frequently suggested to women during prenatal courses and/or directly in the delivery room, both singularly or in combination, are affected by the three biomechanical errors above.
on all fours
with asymmetric legs
with the back tilted backward or forward
lateral (generic)

The TSB method does not foresee any of that errors, therefore the TSB method does not foresee any of that positions for a biomechanically correct delivery.

The woman’s position is a crucial factor for the progression of the natural delivery: leaving the woman free to move in the delivery room is the first condition to have a position that optimizes the delivery itself.

However, the fact of being free to move, as it is currently intended in the obstetric practice of facility-based birth units, doesn’t automatically imply a correct implementation of the technical movement of delivery.

Innovatives aspects

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TSB method: the innovative positions for natural delivery

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