TSB theory: the innovative biomechanics of natural delivery

The new frontier in physiological child delivery of the TSB Theory, starts from an innovative and complete biomechanical study of all the three main physical components of the birth process; than the TSB links them to each other and analyses their mutual influence on the success of the delivery itself.
The physical components being studied are:
– the ‘Passenger’, i.e. the foetus, with its size and characteristic movements;
– the ‘Passage’, i.e. the bony canal of the mother’s pelvis in which the foetus must pass;
– the ‘Power’, meaning the sum of the involuntary and voluntary muscular forces of the mother’s body  which facilitate birth.

The reciprocal movements of these three physical components are very important, since they can determine the physiological or pathological evolution of the delivery itself.

In particular, TSB theory has shown, for the first time, that the multidimensional opening of the ‘Passage’ can facilitate and therefore speed up the birth of the baby. Five new pelvic movements, which have never been considered in medical literature, have been highlighted, fully detailed and employed for the first time and have proved to be functional for optimizing child delivery.

Nature itself, with its environmental limits, has selected some biomechanical possibilities to allow for naturally easy, and therefore fast, deliveries where quickness depends mostly on easiness, reducing risk probabilities and increasing the chances of survival for the species.

Easiness and quickness are to be considered as the efficiency criteria of the physiological delivery: easy and fast deliveries have much more chances to be completed successfully, and in particular to have a lower incidence of maternal and/or foetal and/or neonatal pathologies.

Innovatives aspects

TSB theory: the innovative biomechanics of natural delivery

TSB method: the innovative positions for natural delivery

The innovative ‘active’ role of the partners in the TSB method

TSB program: the innovative complete training for the natural delivery